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More delicious than ever, beloved sake.

about hakuro shuzo

Since 1751, we have overcome many difficulties in history and succeeded in SAKE culture as a part of food culture in Nagaoka. Moreover, in 1882, we took over the SAKE brewery of Makino family (feudal load of Nagaoka), and inherited the right to use “Mitugasiwa” (family emblem of Makino) and “Hakuro” (brand of SAKE) in our goods.Members of our brewing team are changing, but our mission “Brewing good SAKE to makes people feel satisfied ”, has never changed since we started our business.

Sake brewery


There are many reasons why our homeland, Nagaoka, is the good place to brew SAKE. First, Nagaoka was developed as a castle town. Because of that, we can get high quality rice as the material of SAKE easily. Second, Nagaoka is an area of heavy snowfall. Snow makes air clear and sustains suitable temperature. which is good for brewing SAKE.

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We always brew SAKE with the mission, “Brewing good SAKE to makes people feel satisfied”. In addition to this, technic of “To-ji”, who is a master of brewer, energy of our young members, and modern facilities make “Hakuro” superiority.

Yukyuzan Park


Recently, SAKE brewers have been required to create more various products.We are trying our best to meet the needs of our customers in nowadays, we put focus on developing new technology and new products. However, we will never forget tradition of SAKE.

Yukyuzan Park